Brambles continues sustainability success in final year of 2020 commitments

Brambles continues sustainability success in final year of 2020 commitments
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Published: 15 October 2019 - 10:45 a.m.
Brambles, the global supply-chain solutions company operating in nearly 60 countries, reported on their sustainability success for the 2019 Financial Year in their recently released Sustainability Review. Together with its customers, Brambles’ solutions have helped save 2 million tonnes of CO2, 1.7 million cubic metres wood, 2,595 megalitres of water, 1.3 million metric tonnes of solid waste and 1.7 million trees.

These savings were achieved simply by replacing single-use or one-way packaging with reusable alternatives that are continuously shared, repaired and reused throughout the supply chain.

Brambles communicated its 2020 sustainability commitments back in 2015 and the issues the programme addressed, such as sustainable forestry and eliminating waste from supply chains, are now more important for its stakeholders than ever before. As the company enters the final year of its 2020 goals period, it edges closer to attaining 100% sustainable materials sourcing for wood, achieving 99.7% (up from 99.4 in FY18). In addition, 60% of the electricity powering Brambles’ Service Centres was from certified renewable energy sources, representing a 34 percentage point increase on fiscal year 2018 and making its already low carbon solutions even more sustainable.

The company is in the process of setting a new sustainability horizon, with the ambition of leveraging its position as the invisible backbone of global supply chains to pursue a positive impact with communities, customers and the planet.

As part of Brambles’ Better Collaboration goal, the company recently launched the Zero Waste World programme (ZWW), aimed at creating partnerships with manufacturers and retailers to solve big, shared challenges, while saving time, money and natural resources. The programme helps make the transition to a circular economy faster and simpler, with initiatives focussed on three key areas; eliminating waste, eradicating empty transport miles and cutting out inefficiencies through innovative solutions.

Last year, the Collaborative Transport Solutions offered by Brambles’ company CHEP, in collaboration with their digital arm BXB Digital, helped more than 246 customers achieve savings of 69.6 million kilometres and 84.600 tonnes of CO2.

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