MEP Middle East Awards: Meet the Sponsors, JLW

MEP Middle East Awards: Meet the Sponsors, JLW
Published: 20 October 2019 - 7:30 a.m.

JLW will be completing a number of projects in the second half of 2019, with COO Ramy Boufarhat describing the firm’s outlook for the early part of 2020 as “favourable”.

“We are actively tendering new projects to fulfil our order books for 2020 with a number of favourable prospects, which we are aiming to secure in the next few months,” he told MEP Middle East.

“We are confident that growth in the infrastructure market will be a driving factor within the UAE economy over the coming years and JLW are ideally placed to assist the UAE in delivering these works.”

Expansion within the GCC is certainly high on the agenda for JLW, but that doesn’t mean the firm will be rushed into new markets.

Indeed, Boufarhat says that pinpointing the optimum time to make a move is critical to reaping success in new areas.

“First and foremost, JLW seeks professional relationships, based on mutual benefit,” he said.

“We strive to keep up with the industry pace, optimising costs, improving project timeframe and quality of end result.

“How we handle negotiations when more is expected for less? We focus on quality and exclusivity.

“Negotiations on a technical and financial level are present, but what we really look for is the mutually beneficial point of a fair trade – where a client is delivered a reasonable price, but an upper-level class service.”

Boufarhat says JLW’s key market opportunity is to diversify its project base to include more infrastructure projects over the next few years.

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This strategy is the result of a recent successful delivery of large scale infrastructure diversion works in Dubai and, in his own words, JLW is well placed to grow its experience as the UAE continues to invest heavily in the sector.

“There is a great opportunity for us now to consolidate and become more efficient in the way we work,” he said.

“Although our strength still remains in our design and build/EPC capabilities, we are looking very closely at diversifying our offer in the market.

“We certainly recognise that there are challenges ahead of us with clients and developers tightening up on their budgets, which has made us focus more on removing inefficiencies that we inherited during our recent growth.”

There will be tests along the way, not least because MEP contractors are always being asked to do more for ever shrinking margins.

Boufarhat said: “Not all clients are differentiating between Tier 1 and Tier 2 MEP subcontractors as they used to, and many projects are being awarded with a heavy weighting on the budget and a smaller weighting on the technical expertise of the successful tenderer.

“JLW’s niche has always been our ability to deliver technically complex, large scale, fast track projects, which require a highly-skilled engineering and deliver team.

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“JLW’s strategy is to continually target such projects within the market and aim to give clients the value added benefits of our high engineering capabilities.”

For now Boufarhat and his team are looking forward to the 2019 edition of the MEP Middle East Awards.

“At JLW, we strive for excellence and continuous progress, on an employee, project, and client level,” he said.

“We believe the MEP Middle East Awards is a venue where high value is put on the above.

“In this respect, participating as a Gold Sponsor is both an opportunity to highlight our achievements and be yet again recognised as a successful company.

“This is our first time as a sponsor; thus we are excited about the opportunities and the results that would follow out of it. The awards attract the recognised players in the industry and we await with high anticipation being part of that group.”

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