Imdaad slashes energy consumption with ECM for HVAC systems

Imdaad slashes energy consumption with ECM for HVAC systems
Published: 16 September 2019 - 4:15 a.m.

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Imdaad has slashed energy consumption at staff accommodation by introducing an energy control management grid for residential HVAC systems.

Group CEO of the facilities management company, Jamal Lootah, said that the use of insights from real-time data had also helped make a 27% saving on energy expenditure.

Lootah explained that identifying off peak periods when cooling systems could be turned off was critical to achieving efficiency.

He said: “We found out that the ACs should be switched off from 2am to 4am, where no one will feel the difference. We put a sensor to measure heat and temperature.

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“We make 100% sure that it will not affect people and, second, that the machines will not be affected.”

The project cost $136,000 and included a four-month construction period.

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