Oman ministry picks Galfar, Ghantoot for $428.6m road deals

Published: 20 February 2020 - 4 a.m.

Oman’s Ministry of Transport has signed two agreements for road and highway projects in the Sultanate valued at $428.6m (OMR165m), which includes adding third and fourth lanes on the Rusayl Road in Bidbid and Batinah Highway Links project.

The agreements were signed by HE Dr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Futaisi, Minister of Transport, and CEO of Galfar Engineering and Contracting Company, Hans Erlings, and director of Roads Division at Ghantoot Transport and Contracting Company, Rajesh Gopalakrishan.

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[Image: ONA]

As part of the road expansion project pertaiing to the addition of third and fourth lanes on the Rusayl Road in Bidbid, construction works to expand the road from the Muscat Express junction to the eastern junction at 27km length will be carried out. The project will be carried out at a cost of $224.1m (OMR86.3m), with an implementation period of 30 months.

With this project, the current road capacity of 3,000 vehicles per hour during rush hours will be increased to 8,030 vehicles per hour during the next 20 years.

According to Oman News Agency, the project has been designed taking into account traffic safety requirement. Two lanes has been added to the existing road on both directions to meet the 120km/hour speed of the road.

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[Image: Twitter/ @ Transportgovom]

Two new intersections were added in Ghala and Al-Seih Al-Ahmar district, where the Ghala intersection will connect with the Ansab-Al-Jafin road. Additionally, three intersections have also been improved.

The Ministry of Transport has expanded the three existing including Wadi Al-Jafnain Bridge, Wadi Fanja Bridge, and Wadi Al-Dabaoun Bridge.

Valued at $205.1m (OMR79m), the second agreement covers the implementation of Package 7 of the Al Batinah Highway project for a 36-month period.

The project aims to build connecting roads and bridges on the main roundabouts on the existing Al Batinah Road. The works also include the construction of a road linking the Khazaen Economic Zone with the Al-Batinah Expressway for a length of 14km.

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[Image: Twitter/ @ Transportgovom]

In addition, construction of bridges on the main roundabouts of the Al-Batinah road and a single road linking the Al-Batinah Highway to the Al-Musanna Highway with a length of 22.75km. Also, included is the construction of a double road linking the intersection on the Al Batinah Road at Sohar Bridge covering a length of about 9.2km.

The projects come in line with the ministry's framework of increasing the efficiency of roads in the Sultanate.

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