Hormann launches 'FlexFire' protection curtain

Published: 24 February 2020 - 8:30 a.m.

Construction supplier Hormann Middle East & Africa has launched a 'FlexFire' protection curtain, designed to provide construction and other industrial sectors with smoke protection in the event of a fire.

The curtain is equipped with a FSA-FLEXControl hold-open device and closes upon smoke development.

The FSA-FLEXControl features an optional variant that is available with a visual signal, H-RM-4070, in addition to an acoustic signal.

The sensor compartment contains a visual sensor, which measures reflected and normal scattered light.

The stability of the detector is further enhanced by algorithms that decide when the detector changes to alarm status. This reduces the possibility of the alarm being triggered by smoke without an actual source of fire.

In addition, it is fitted with optical smoke detectors which monitor the door area. The device can also be connected to the on-site fire alarm system, supported by an optional battery pack to bridge potential power failures.

The curtains are weightless, compact, and created to save space, featuring a shaft-housing unit with integrated tubular drive, enabling almost invisible integration to a building’s infrastructure. It is preassembled with a wiring bottom strip, and a shaft that have been tested for fire loads of up to 120 minutes.

Additional features include concealed magnetic contacts on the side guide to aid quick installation.

Commenting on the product, managing director, Hormann Middle East & Africa, Darius Khanloo, said: “Our FlexFire protection curtain is specifically designed to provide the highest standards of fire and smoke protection and meet all relevant regulations. We have experts that are constantly fire-testing our products at our specialised factories."

FlexFire has recorded a closing time of 6m/s and opening time of 12m/s. The curtains are 'smooth and quiet' and are 1,000mm to 5,000mm wide, 2,000mm to 5,000mm high, and approximately 0.5mm thick.

It is fitted with a grey glass filament fabric, reinforced with V4 A wire, and can be connected to 20 fire alarm systems.

The FlexFire protection curtain is available in galvanised steel, as standard. Alternatively, Hormann offers the components in RAL or in special colours to suit the interior design of the building.

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