Steel works begin at Expo 2020 Dubai's Switzerland Pavilion

Published: 24 February 2020 - 9:45 a.m.

Progress has been made on Expo 2020 Dubai’s Switzerland Pavilion, with the Swiss-contractor Expomobilia — which is also working on the Finland, Norway, and Netherlands pavilions — having started assembling the steel structure for the “Belles Vues” titled pavilion.

Design for the Swiss Pavilion was created by Zurich-based OOS Architects in collaboration with Bellprat Partner and Lorenz Eugster.

The pavilion’s concept is based on Switzerland’s culture and nature that will be delivered through a series of interactive elements and images.

Located within World Expo’s Opportunity District, the Swiss Pavilion is being built under a $15.2m budget. In July 2019, Construction Week reported that half of the project’s total cost will be funded by third parties.

The Swiss Pavilion will be a cubic temporary structure that draws inspiration from Bedouin tents. Sustainable construction practices having taken into account through scaffolding elements and textiles of the pavilion.

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The pavilion will be located within Opportunity District [image:]

In October 2019, President of Switzerland, Ueli Maurer broke groud on the pavilion, during his visit to the UAE.

Based on the concept of a journey, visitors will get to experience specific Swiss values by walking through the pavilion, subdivided into three dramatic acts. The façade of the building will be entirely covered with reflective film.

According to House of Switzerland, the temporary structure’s is 70% recyclable.

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