Al Bustan Centre & Residence supports year-round sustainability initiatives

Al Bustan Centre & Residence supports year-round sustainability initiatives
Published: 2 January 2020 - 9 a.m.
Al Bustan Centre & Residence has implemented several sustainability initiatives throughout the year to reduce the environmental footprint, in line with the UAE 2021 Vision that supports Dubai Sustainable Tourism (DST) initiatives.

The hotel residence introduced an innovation strategy in 2017 that led to implementation of new initiatives to adopt sustainable practices on a daily basis. Initiatives lead to installation of automated tools to control energy settings in non-occupied areas; installation of gas hot water systems providing hot water on demand; use of LED lights; and motion sensors to detect movement in specific areas to conserve water and energy Apart from this the property also implemented Building Management System that integrated all systems, devices, software, and services for visibility & control of the entire operation and allowing the property to eliminate waste.

Al Bustan Centre & Residence has continued its efforts to meet the objectives of DST by carrying multiple, strictly monitored and documented sustainability practices. The property also practiced general waste collection & recycling program such as recycling of used cooking oils, can collection, recycling of leftover shampoos & soaps to use in cleaning of public areas aimed to reduce the usage & purchase of chemicals, linen and towels recycling, and office paper recycling.

Upon successfully implementing sustainable practices throughout the year, Moussa El Hayek, chief operating officer at Al Bustan Centre and Residence commented: “The implementation of sustainability practices has been one of our core focus areas and it has significantly helped us in improving our operations.”

He further added: “We strongly believe in educating the staff on the importance of clean energy sources and decreasing wastewater levels. We have successfully conducted departmental trainings on sustainability management. The training sessions are facilitated by our sustainability champion and project coordinator, Prince Cherian who trains our employees and guests to have a better understanding on the criticalness of sustainable practices, and its impact in the long run.”

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