Renovation complete on air cargo unit at Muscat International Airport

Renovation complete on air cargo unit at Muscat International Airport
The air cargo unit is a 22,000m2 facility.
Published: 20 January 2020 - 12:30 p.m.

Renovation work has been completed on the Oman Air’s air cargo unit at the Muscat International Airport’s cargo services building, with the 22,000m2 facility to be used as a warehouse — with a capacity to receive 317,514.7 tonnes of goods.

Oman News Agency reported that the air cargo hub will accommodate 734 multi-level loading containers and 2,208 mobile chutes, in addition to goods transport vehicles fitted with hydraulic cranes.

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The facility can receive 317,514.7 tonnes of goods [image: ONA].

Additionally, the facility is equipped with gates that provide for the simultaneous loading of three air cargo planes and 25 outlets that accommodate 12.2m and 6.1m cargo vehicles. The refurbished air cargo facility is home to a parking lots each for 400 cars and for 34 heavy vehicles. There is a 2,500m2 livestock centre and 228m2 chamber for high-risk goods.

The entire facility has been provided with good air-conditioning systems and cooling stores to preserve perishable goods.

Speaking about the air cargo facility, senior vice president of commercial cargo for Oman Air, Mohammed bin Ali al-Musafir said that the unit comes in line with the Sultanate’s strategy to revamp the country’s logistics sector.

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