Kleindienst eyes Q4’20 opening for Portofino Hotel at The Heart of Europe

Published: 12 May 2020 - 11:50 a.m.
Construction activities are being carried out in full-swing at Kleindienst Group’s $5bn (AED18.3bn) master-planned leisure tourism island destination The Heart of Europe, with Phase 1 of the megaproject including Portofino Hotel to be delivered in Q4 2020.

An Italian-themed five-star facility, the Portofino Hotel is inspired by the holiday resorts in Portofino, well-known for its picturesque harbour and colourful architecture.

The design of Portofino Hotel is similar to the traditional European designs and contemporary Mediterranean architecture.

According to the information published on its website, the Architecture and Planning Group (APG) has provided structure design, site supervision, and architect of record (AOR) services for the hotel.

A family-only hotel and resort in the region, all suites within the property feature en-suite viewing decks and panoramic sea views. Each hotel suite has been designed for families, where kids have separate sleeping areas.

Once delivered, it will create a unique experiential touristic attraction for local, regional and international visitors, who will discover an upgraded leisure and hospitality experience from Europe and the Maldives in Dubai.

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In terms of technology adoption, at Portofino hotel has deployed the cardless entry system for its visitors, where a mobile phone app lets guests open the doors to the suites. It also helps control the television, set preferred music channels, manage room temperature and shades, and make bookings for customised services in the entire destination.

Speaking about the hotel’s opening, chairman of Kleindienst Group, Josef Kleindienst, said: “Local tourists from the UAE and the GCC countries will no longer need to secure a visa and travel outside of the UAE to seek the thrills of an Italian vacation from the fourth quarter of this year onwards.

“The Heart of Europe is one of the safest tourism destinations in the world.”

“The outbreak of the COVID-19 has shifted public focus and investment interest on offshore locations that are safe and unpolluted. The Heart of Europe is one of the UAE’s best-kept secrets that is going to be unveiled later this year.”

Located 4km away from Dubai’s shores, stringent safety standards have helped keep the Heart of Europe completely free from the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the developer, more than 1,200 construction workers, technicians, engineers, and environmental experts are currently working on-site to deliver the resort hotel.

Kleindienst plans to continue testing any visitor entering the destination for COVID-19, to keep the island free from the virus outbreak.

“This will continue to be our policy when the hotels open up after the virus is eliminated. This way, the Heart of Europe will remain a safe place for all tourists, regardless of any emergency onshore,” he concluded.

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