Saudi-based Alhajry Overseas reveals its COVID-19 strategy

Published: 3 May 2020 - 7:45 a.m.

Front line workers in facilities management services are the main interactors physically within the facility, reveals Raymond AL Salhani, FM business unit director at Alhajry Overseas.

AL Salhani says: “Alhajry Overseas tailored a terminology of manpower segmentation and work place zoning in order to reduce, mitigate and operate during any contingency. Due to the large number of workforce and massive number of facilities that we operate, the segmentation concept that we implemented is considered the most effective way to cover our scheduled services and maneuver during any potential cases that might take place.

The firm used a mixed matrix segmentation of two and three portions:

A sufficient number of the total manpower of a certain contract formed of different disciplines and functions to cover the scheduled services. This segment will be residing in a separate residential compound, having inhouse catering services and assigned busses to be transported from and to work.

The second segment will be of a different group consisting of almost the same disciplines of the first one but with different employees in a different residential compound.

The same applies to the third segment.

Some contracts were segmented into two and some into three depending on the volume of employees required to cover the services.

Each segment will be assigned to a specific zone of the worksite and strictly limiting the existence of the employees to their assigned area of work.

AL Salhani explains a credible scenario: "If an employee or a technician tested positive with COVID-19 in segment 2, then this whole segment will stop duties and medical measures will apply as the emergency response plan. The scheduled services will be covered by the other segments of employees ensuring business continuity for the clients and disease free work place."

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