ADM develops roadside agriculture on Al Bateen Street

Published: 24 October 2020 - 9 a.m.

Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) is implementing a roadside cosmetic development project in Al Bateen Street area on Abu Dhabi Island, at a cost of $5.37m (AED19.7m), in line with the strategic plan of Abu Dhabi City 2030, aimed at enhancing the public cultural scene and contributing to improving the quality of life and the happiness of community members.

The project includes the rehabilitation and development of cosmetic agriculture in the middle islands and road ends in Al Bateen Street, between the intersection with Al Falah Street and the intersection with Hazza Bin Zayed Street, as well as providing safe pedestrian paths for walking and bicycle tracks, which will improve the general aesthetic appearance, in addition to reducing operation and maintenance costs, and rationalizing irrigation water consumption, through the use of modern and automatic irrigation systems.

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ADM develops roadside agriculture on Al Bateen Street [Image: Abu Dhabi Municipality]

The project is considered a priority project that contributes to creating an urban environment that encourages social and spatial communication among members of society.

The project will also create amenities, improve environmental conditions and improve the overall appearance of the area.

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