Pooja Shah-Mulani of LW Design shares her five favourite products

Pooja Shah-Mulani of LW Design shares her five favourite products
Published: 11 April 2019 - 1:57 p.m.
By: Shweta Parida

The lead senior interior designer at LW Design, Pooja Shah-Mulani, shares her five favourite products and what makes them special

Jardin Neroli by casamance

The layering of print with embroidery adds a fresh dimension to this exotic pattern. I love large scale prints as they instantly add fun and a layer of detail to a space or form the basis of a bold and dynamic scheme.

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Santorini Lamp by marset

The versatility of this light designed by Estudio Sputnik makes it an easy favourite to use in a variety of different interior spaces. Its contemporary, almost street lamp/lantern like appearance makes it a fun piece to use indoor or outdoor, on the floor, wall or ceiling.

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Neutra Duo Bathtub by pure interiors

Timber, mostly in its natural form, is one of my most preferred materials to use. This stunning stone bath built into a slab of timber will take center stage wherever it's placed. The contrast of these pure materials fused together is exquisite.

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Kilt Armchair by ethimo

The simplicity yet refined elegance of this outdoor armchair is everything a comfortable chair needs to be. The sturdy teak frame, with intricate rope weaving, provides the right ergonomic and aesthetic appeal making it a real winner for me.

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Shuffle by &tradition

Is it a table? Is it a stacking top? The playful appearance of this side table, designed by Mia Hamborg, and made of marble, PU lacquered MDF and solid beech, makes it a must have. The contrast and harmony between the different layers give it an eye-catching appeal. It's definitely my current favourite.

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