IKEA creates 3D-printed accessories for video gamers

IKEA creates 3D-printed accessories for video gamers
Ikea 3D-printed accessories
Published: 2 July 2019 - 6:43 a.m.

IKEA has unveiled a product design range of 3D-printed wearable technology accessories to improve the experience of playing video games at home.

The Swedish furniture giant has been working with two partners for one year to create its customisable range of 3D-printed wearable accessories, called Uppkoppla.

Alongside UNYQ, a maker of 3D-printed medical wearable tech, and digital sports trainer Area Academy, IKEA designed a prototype range of products to tap into a market of two billion video gamers.

It includes gaming accessories, desk supports, chairs and tables, as well as a wristband, keycaps, and a so-called bungee mouse to improve gaming precision.

”It’s actually striking how unexplored this part of the gaming industry is. Focus has always been on the hardware, and everything else has been ignored,” said Tommy Ingemarsson, founder and CEO of Area Academy.

Michael Nikolic, creative leader at IKEA in Sweden, added: “It’s true that we haven’t seen the full potential of this group earlier and we haven’t looked into their specific needs at home as much as we should.

“There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding gamers. In fact, it is a large group of people in all ages where gaming is even a full-time job for some.”

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