Apparatus' arch-filled LA showroom uses clerestory windows to draw in natural light

Apparatus' arch-filled LA showroom uses clerestory windows to draw in natural light
Published: 27 May 2019 - 11:15 a.m.
By: Aidan Imanova

New York-based design studio Apparatus has opened its LA showroom, featuring an interior space filled with arches and natural light that filters in through clerestory windows, highlighting the studio's various lighting and furniture pieces, some of which are inspired by one of the founder's Persian heritage.

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The showroom is designed by co-founder and creative director Gabriel Hendifar who interpreted the brand's signature moody aesthetic through a Southern California lens, and is the studio's third location, after its headquarters in New York and outpost in Milan.

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Hendifar and co-founder Jeremy Anderson met and conceived Apparatus' first pieces in Los Angeles seven years ago before launching their brand in New York, with the opening of the LA showroom marking a full circle for the studio.

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Located in Hollywood's McCadden Place, the 465m2 renovated warehouse space was once home to a prominent television production studio, and is now neighbouring a series of antique brands such as JF Chen and Blackman Cruz, and art galleries like Ralph Pucci and Regen Projects.

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The architecture of the showroom along with a palette of desaturated sunset tones have been inspired by the paintings of Italian artist De Chirico, proposing a refined vision of living in Los Angeles.

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Featuring an imposing steel and glass entrance, the showroom has no street-facing windows which posed a challenge in bringing natural lighting into the space. As a response, a row of clerestory windows were added, set 15 feet above ground, creating a transformative experience e that echoes the studio's New York space.

Pale hand-trowelled plaster covers the ceilings and walls throughout to provide a neutral backdrop, with many decorated with groups of pendants or sconces from Apparatus' collection.

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Archways repeatedly puncture the plasterwork, varying from large openings to smaller arches that form an arcade. Fabrics and textures range from rough to refined, mixing stone and veneer architectural elements - as well as about three tons of discreetly placed gravel.

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The showroom features Appartus' full range of lighting, furniture, and decorative objects as well as notable pieces from the JF Chen collection and works by LA-based artists Robert Moreland and Amir Nikravan, celebrating the city's art and design community.

Apparatus recently revealed a new textile collection featuring a kaleidoscopic pattern that takes cues from a Persian inlaying technique, Khatam.

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