DesignMENA Summit 2019 agenda finalised

DesignMENA Summit 2019 agenda finalised
Published: 27 November 2019 - 10:17 a.m.
By: Staff writer

The full agenda for the designMENA Summit 2019 has been set, with the invite-only summit taking place on 4 December at Grosvenor House.

Check out the full agenda for the event below.

09.00: Welcome Address from Commercial Interior Design

09.10 Keynote Address: Claudia Mercantini, Director of Architecture, Red Sea Development Company

In this session Mercantini will introduce the Red Sea Development Project and explain how it links to the Saudi economy and Vision 2030. She will also highlight the gigaproject's sustainability and environmental strategy.

09.20: State of the Industry
With Expo 2020 Dubai and Saudi Arabia’s multibillion-dollar pipeline of gigaprojects on the horizon, there is room for the industry to feel cautiously optimistic. But real problems remain. Economic headwinds create continued challenges that are compounded by undercutting and a race to the bottom. So, what does the future hold for architecture and interior design in the Middle East? Cynthia Corby, Audit & Assurance Chief Operating Office, Audit Transformation Leader & Middle East Construction Industry Leader, Deloitte

09.40: Panel Discussion: Markets 2.0: Global growth opportunities

The UAE economy is entering a stage of maturity and with that architects and interior designers are looking beyond the country – and the GCC – to high-growth markets in Asia and Africa with fewer opportunities in the local pipeline. But where are these opportunities and what are the risks and rewards of expanding geographically into new markets with new challenges?
Moderator: Oscar Rousseau, Editor, Commercial Interior Design
Panellists: Abdoullah Albizreh, Director, Depa Group; Joakim De Rham, CEO & Co-Founder, Swiss Bureau Interior Design; Joe Chamberlin, Director – Middle East, 1508 London; Lara El Hani, Design Director, Kristina Zanic Consultants; Chris Jones, Partner, Middle East & Europe, 10 Design; Chris Barnes, Owner & Founder, Broadway Interiors; Philip Gillard, Regional Managing Director, dwp | design worldwide partnership

10.20 Panel Discussion: Time for change - How can we elevate design standards?

Designers need to create projects that are beautiful and profitable, but in the rush for quick returns is the level of design falling when it should be rising? Can the industry reverse this trend if standards are dropping? How can the industry lift design to world-class standards? Yes, we need to consider the user, the development and the environment. But great design needs to be experiential, contextual, culturally relevant, environmentally responsible, innovative and refined.
Moderator: Esra Lemmens, Design Consultant, ESRA LEMMENS AGENCY
Panellists: Kevin McLachlan, Founder, NOMADK; Laura Bielecki, Senior Manager, Interior Design, Ellington Group; Khalid Shafar, Founder & Director KASA; David Lessard, Design Director, H+A; Diane Thorsen, Designer


11.30 PRESENTATION: Evolution of Sustainability: Case Study Comparison of Traditional Sustainability and Health & Wellbeing

Hala Yousef, Head of Sustainability, Cundall

The business case for sustainability has always been a source of debate amongst building owners, developers, designers and occupants. While regulations have been pushing the agenda forward through mandatory guidelines, the biggest recent push has come in focusing on how sustainable buildings with a health and wellbeing focus have had better return on investment. This session will explore recent case studies comparing traditional sustainability project and health and wellbeing driven project, highlighting a more powerful financial language of discussion.

12.00 Panel discussion: Ripe for disruption
What action can the industry collectively take to ensure that the architectural design industry can compete fairly and ethically across the Middle East? Do we need to start charging per concept rather than per hour? Should we ban free work? Does the industry need new rules of engagement to create a level playing field and what more can be done to educate clients on the dangers of rip-off furniture?

Moderator: Oscar Rousseau, Editor, Commercial Interior Design
Panellists: Kristian Stinson, Managing Partner, Studio EM; Kathryn Athreya, Managing Director; Roar Stuart Allen, Managing Director & Founder, Allen Architecture Interiors Design; Govind Shepley, Creative Director, TwentyOne06; Patrick Bean, Design Director, LACASA Architects & Engineering Consultants.

Discussion point 1: Money isn’t a dirty word
Instead of per hour, should we charge per concept? How do we identify and budget design, construction and delivery fees? How can we balance percentage and construction cost?
Discussion Point 2: Rewriting the rules
How do we deal with crazy contracts, onerous payment terms, penalty clauses and unreasonable delivery schedules?
Discussion Point 3: The Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Should the industry be exploring disruptive tech, artificial intelligence, machine learning to capitalise on the data economy and make their business more competitive, efficient and profitable?

12.40 Panel Discussion: Bridging the gap between industry and academia

Are universities producing the type of talent architects and interior designers are really looking for – or are they falling short of the market? How do we collectively address the deficiency so students have the skills needed to succeed in the real world? Do designers need to engage with universities and make more time to mentor young staff?
Moderator: Sotiris Tsoulos, Design Director, RMJM
Panellists: Dr. Carlos Alberto Montana-Hoyos, Founding Associate Professor, Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation Annamaria Lambri, Associate Professor of Interior Design & Outreach Coordinator Interior Design, American University in Dubai Cristiano Luchetti, Assistant Professor, American University of Sharjah Jacinda Raniolo, Lead Creative Designer, Godwin Austen Johnson (GAJ) Kourosh Salehi, Design Director, LWK & Partners


13.40 LUNCH AND CLOSE OF designMENA Summit 2019

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