Italian architect turns rustic farmhouse into contemporary hillside residence

Italian architect turns rustic farmhouse into contemporary hillside residence
Published: 27 November 2019 - 5:18 a.m.
By: Staff writer

Italian architect Giovanni Zanella has renovated, extended and transformed a disused farmhouse in Treviso, Italy, into a contemporary home that pays homage to its rural roots with limestone walls and exposed rock.

The two-storey farmhouse was built in the 20th century and was used as a barn for livestock and hay.

Set amongst the rolling hills of Treviso, Zanella has uplifted the tired property and turned to into a contemporary residential house that maintained many of its original architectural features. These include the stones, exposed brickwork and spruce wood defining the façade.

In the interior, the colours and materials have been maintained as well, with lime cladding and a mix natural green and grey hues that reflect its hilltop setting.

The old home has been fitted with a stainless steel designer kitchen from Abimis that adds a contemporary, refined touch to the property and blends in with the older elements.

“This ground-floor kitchen has a warm, cosy room all to itself, with the large patio door making it bright and directly accessible from the front garden, thereby creating natural continuity between the different environments,” Abimis said in a statement.

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