Caparol Arabia launches anti-microbial paint

Published: 5 April 2020 - 8:12 a.m.
By: Jane O'Neill
Another anti-microbial product has entered the interiors market.

Caparol Arabia's ‘CapaCare Protect’ claims it can secure walls and surfaces from bio-harm.

It does this by using ‘SILVERbac’ technology - silver ions to bind and destroy the cell membrane of biological contaminants, including bacteria and viruses.

Scientists tested the paint through an International Anti-microbial Council-registered laboratory and further testing is taking place to check its efficiency against COVID-19.

Martin Rosocha, MD of Caparol Arabia, says: “We’ve all seen the Superman films or read the comic books where he comes up against kryptonite and is severely weakened. Well, to harmful microbes like bacteria and viruses, silver is their kryptonite. It damages them, it destroys them, it helps to defeat them.

"That’s why we are so keen to introduce this new paint for schools, hospitals, hotels and renovation and facility management sectors, to protect their homes and defend the walls."

Caparol was founded in Germany 125 years ago and established Caparol Arabia in Dubai in 1998.

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