ArchMelar Design Studio creates inflatable bubble tent to win COVID-19 competition award

Published: 14 July 2020 - 7:05 a.m.
By: Jane O'Neill
Protection from COVID-19, but make it design.

That was the brief given to creatives entering the recent International Design Awards, held in collaboration with the European Product Design Awards.

A recent call out for the Covid-19 Design Innovation Grant, sought ways to find and support those who were working to provide innovative solutions to tackle some of the most pressing problems and needs during the pandemic.

From hundreds of thought-provoking designs, the submission by ArchMelar, which has bases in UAE, Germany, and Egypt, was named among a top 10 in the category of architecture and interior design.

Designers were challenged to present a simple, practical, innovative solution for an in-home isolation pod that would allow those with COVID-19 symptoms and others to safely co-habit without transmitting the virus, all within a budget of $1,000 (around AED 3,600).

The Inflatable Bubble Tent would be the main pod to isolate patient during the quarantine, as well as being a symbolic expression to celebrate the end of the pandemic.

The tent will be totally isolated with the gap-air edges from PVC material but would allow the patient to visually connect with family members.

A sterilised window allows delivery of food, water, and medicine, while the bubble contains all necessary items for the temporary accommodation - single bed, chair, table, private toilet, shower, internet, and fresh air outlet.

Easy to store and re-use, the tent is lightweight and flexible and could be easily sterilized after the quarantine and reused for another case.

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