Dubai-based EKI to open one new school every year

Dubai-based EKI to open one new school every year
Dubai-based EKI to open one new school every year
Published: 23 October 2017 - 6:10 a.m.
By: Parinaaz Navdar

Dubai-based Evolvence Knowledge Investments plans to open one new school every year, its CEO Nitin Kripalani told Education Journal Middle East.

The investment company currently manages Repton School Dubai, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, as well as Foremarke School Dubai, and Repton Abu Dhabi. EKI also manages four nurseries under the Dovecote brand.

The ramp up will begin with the opening of Repton Muscat, which is expected to open in September 2019, delayed from its original opening date of September 2017.

Kripalani explained: "In 10 years we've grown from three schools and four nurseries to a point where we want to start opening a school every year. Essentially, what we've now managed to do as an organisation is we've centralised a lot of best practices. Today, we know exactly what it takes to set up a school and get it to standard very quickly. If you see in terms of our academic results, not just at Repton but sister schools like Foremarke and Repton Abu Dhabi are quite comparable.

"We expect Repton Muscat to open in September 2019 and from then onwards we expect to open a school every year."

While EKI will continue to to expand the premium Repton brand, EKI is also considering opening other premium schools that offer the IB or American curriculum. The group is also mulling mid-market British curriculum schools.

Kripalani said: "Our current expansion plan is across the GCC, but as an organisation we're also evaluating which is the most conducive market to cater to so we have a few choices. We have the rights for Repton which offer premium British education that we can expand across the GCC. We can stay in the premium segment but look at other curriculums like American, IB or British. Or we can stay in the British curriculum space where we have a lot of expertise but perhaps move down from the premium segment to the mid-market segment. We are looking at all options, and perhaps in a few months we'll have a better idea on what's the best step for us."
While EKI considers its expansion plans, Kripalani says the the group will "certainly continue building more Repton schools across the region and beyond the GCC."

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