Facilities Management Power 50 2012

Welcome to the first facilities management Middle East power list, and meet the 50 people who are shaping the future of the facilities management industry in the GCC region

28 )Gautam Patel

Gautam Patel
Industry : Construction & Industry
Job Title: Member

With JOP law slowly permeating through Dubai’s real estate market, homeowners and homeowner associations are increasingly becoming forces to be reckoned with.

While Interim Owner Associations have not yet made the transition to being legal OAs, it’s important to give a face to the people who will eventually be the ones to influence decisions regarding FM contracts. Gautam Patel is one such homeowner who is on the board on three Interim Owner Associations.

Patel thinks OAs have a huge significance in the FM industry in that they act in the interest of the homeowners or unit owners. He believes he effectively contributes towards keeping the service fees to a reasonable level by pushing for keener contracts and efficient working conditions. OAs should try to achieve a cost-effective and efficient model of running communities in the interest of all the unit owners, he said.