Day in the life of: Horse groomer at Al Maha, a Luxury Collection

Day in the life of: Horse groomer at Al Maha, a Luxury Collection
Timothy Perring looks after the 14 horses at Al Maha's stable
Published: 23 July 2019 - 11:30 a.m.
By: Mahak Manan

The horse groomer at Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa speaks to Hotelier Middle East about his daily routine.

4:00am – I wake up, shower and get ready for my morning shift. During the cooler months, I get to sleep in till 5:30 – 6:00 but in the summer I need to be at the stable by sunrise. Just a cup of coffee, and I march onwards to the stable.

4:30am – As we live on-site, I’m at the stable by 4:30, to open up the enclosure and let the horses wake up and walk around for a bit. Soon I bring out the sprinkler to rinse them. I usually rinse them every alternate day but since the summer has been harsh, water helps them stay cool. This process is time consuming as there are 14 horses at the stable.

5:30am – The horses reach the area where hay and water has been set-up for consumption. I prep this area before letting them loose but I only feed them once they are done with their washing routine.

6:00am – During the summer, guests can only indulge in equestrian experiences during morning hours. It’s also one of the most requested activity by guests at Al Maha. Based on the guest’s skills and experience, I suggest an equivalent horse to ensure a pleasant experience. We have ex-race and polo horses that are very different in nature and temperament, hence for the safety of guests I often accompany them on the ride.

8:00 am – I get to our associates’ canteen for a quick breakfast before heading to my office.

8:30am – Once at my desk, I respond to emails, update horse training routines as well as schedule health and fitness assessments for each of our 14 horses.

10:00 am – Because my day starts relatively early, I am allowed a downtime at this junction of the day but for most days, I stay in the office browsing through the internet and catching-up with associates to gauge how busy the resort is, with respect to the following day’s outdoor activities.

12:30 pm – I head back to the stable to replenish hay and water supply for the horses, followed by a casual check up on them.

2:00pm – I head back to the resort for lunch.

4:00pm – Most guests are fascinated with our collection of horses and like to visit the stable in the afternoon, some even request to meet them and strike a pose for a picture. So I usually return to the stable around this hour.

4:30 pm - I lay out the last round of hay and water for their dinner.

6:00 pm – Around sunset, I take them back to their stable and the lights are out by 6:30pm.

6:30 pm – I make a final round of the resort to clock out and also to check the status of our equestrian bookings so I can prep accordingly for the following day.

7:00 pm – My evenings are spent watching a movie at the associates lounge or at the gym, if I feel inspired. I also cook something quick for myself sometimes.

9:00 pm – Firmly tucked in my bed to get a good six hours of sleep before the next day.

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