Front-of-house interview: Meet the assistant front desk manager, Hyatt Place Dubai/Wasl District

Front-of-house interview: Meet the assistant front desk manager, Hyatt Place Dubai/Wasl District
Sandeep Mehta
Published: 24 July 2019 - 12:45 p.m.
By: Priyanka Praveen
Tell us about your role
The role of assistant front desk manager entails various soft skills and technical skills. While I have to be very efficient with the systems and handing guest requests, I also dedicate a considerable amount of time to training, motivating and guiding my team of 11 members. I take great pride in translating Hyatt’s purpose of Care through customer service and team building.

What made you want to work in hospitality?
I enjoy working in this industry as it is people-centric and is very dynamic. It challenges me by pushing my boundaries when it comes to addressing guest satisfaction. And at the end of the day, when the guest enjoys the stay and remembers me, it gives me great pleasure and humbles me with gratitude.

Career obstacles
None so far. I have been blessed to work with wonderful people who have encouraged me professionally and personally.

What makes you thrive in your place of work?
Job satisfaction is my driving factor. My colleagues, work environment and the work culture contributes to me performing my best every day.

Your experience in the hospitality industry
I started working in 2010 with The Oberoi Hotel in Gurgaon, India, as a part of the pre-opening team. I moved to Hyatt Regency Delhi in 2012 and since then I proudly have been a part of the Hyatt Family. I joined Hyatt Place Dubai/Baniyas Square as pre-opening team and then moved to Hyatt Place Dubai/Wasl District as Assistant Front Desk Manager. These nine years have been an exciting and transforming journey.

How do you monitor feedback?
I prefer to personally meet the guests during their stay and address their concerns that can be resolved within short period of time. We use Guest Satisfaction Survey to track guest feedback, be it positive or constructive.

What is the trickiest situation that you have had to deal with?
We had a guest staying with us who was a regular at one of the hotels I worked in. Whenever she came, she used to stay in one particular room.
On one occasion, that particular room was not available. The front office manager who knew that this would upset the guest, requested me to take charge on the situation. So I waited for two hours for that guest to arrive after my 12 hour shift and met her upon arrival.
After a short conversation and explaining the situation to her over a coffee, I was absolutely glad when she smiled and said that she understands the situation. She also mentioned that if any other colleague had shared this information, she would have immediately left the hotel and look for another option.

What do you do to self-motivate yourself?
I always seek opportunities to improve my skillset and knowledge. The more curious my mind is, the better I perform and it keeps me motivated.

Please give us five tips for guest satisfaction

  • Understand your guest’s needs.
  • Be a human, not a machine.
  • Hearing is not enough, you need to listen.
  • Think like your guest.
  • Be welcoming always.

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