Back-of-house interview: Saadiyat Rotana and Resorts assistant director of housekeeping

Back-of-house interview: Saadiyat Rotana and Resorts assistant director of housekeeping
Saadiyat Rotana's Amal Ghosh
Published: 20 May 2019 - 8 a.m.
By: Ashley Williams

Could you sum up your role in 50 words?

As an assistant director of housekeeping, I deliver extraordinary levels of customer service and provide solutions to our guests. I’m responsible for assisting the director of housekeeper in the daily operation of housekeeping departments, as well as guiding and developing a multicultural team to ensure the Rotana standards are met.

What made you want to work in hospitality?

My father was an hotelier and since my childhood, it’s been a dream to work in the hospitality industry. I’m always keen to meet and interact with people from around the world and different backgrounds.

Three biggest challenges to date?

One of my biggest challenges is to train and prepare the colleagues to meet the guests’ expectations, as I need to bring to all the knowledge and standards required to maintain and surpass these. From pre-opening to soft opening, we had to face some issues in the rooms, but it is my responsibility to inspect and ensure proper standards of cleanliness. Sometimes, we also need to review work schedules depending on the operation and occupancy. The last thing, which I won’t consider as a challenge but now more as a primarily focus, especially at Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas, is sustainability. These initiatives currently range from changes such as linen and towel re-use programs, energy optimisation projects, waste management activities and adopting bio-degradable cleaning products.

What are your strategies for the business?
To ensure that each housekeeping colleague satisfies the maximum number of guests and get their preferences and feedback about housekeeping services. As we engage with guests, we want them to return and share their experience with friends and families.

What makes you thrive in your role?

I am not just looking to fill a position; I’m looking for a career. I applied to this position not only because it fits my skill-set, but I believe that I can excel within this work environment. I am confident in my ability to work within a team and on my own. I really like an environment that values problem solving, creativity and effort.

Day-to-day routine at work?
Every day I need to check the operations and share the information with directors and colleagues. We also run a daily inspection in rooms and public areas by ensuring each colleague is following our Rotana standards. We want to make sure that all of our guests are happy with our service and share the feedback with concern departments.

Highlight in your career?
Being part of Rotana group was a big achievement for my career. When I had the opportunity to work as Assistant director for housekeeping for a five-star hotel, I couldn’t let it go. Working in all stages of a new hotel was a unique experience, I was there at every phase and saw the development of the property met people from around the world. Together we brought to life the Rotana values.

Future goals?

For my future, I am to get the next position as director of housekeeping and be, once again, part of a new hotel in the pre-opening team.

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