Suppliers You Should Know: Rocfort Kitchens

Published: 27 June 2020 - 3 a.m.
By: Claudia De Brito
How would you describe your company and when was it established?
Each year since 2013, Rocfort delivers commercial kitchens on-time and on-budget, combining craftsmanship and efficiency. We’re one of only a few kitchen contractors capable of delivering the quality and detail required for Michelin star and prestige projects. We understand fast timelines and aggressive budgets are part of doing business in the Middle East. We manage to exceed expectations thanks to our long-term partnership approach to Clients, responsiveness, entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of responsibility. Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say.

How many people are employed by your company?
We are 25 in the UAE, mainly technicians and stainless steel fabricators, and four technicians in Oman.

How do you describe the company growth?
Rocfort Kitchens has enjoyed a steady growth and 100% client retention rate since it started in 2013. We are recommended by our clients, owners, operators, chefs, chief engineers, project managers, consultants.

What are your core products/services for the hospitality industry?
We offer commercial kitchen turnkey solution with a special focus on innovative and sustainable designs.

What sets your company apart from its competitors?
We consider every client’s kitchen our own. We provide a top quality, specialised, personalised, pragmatic and affordable service. A key differentiator is our advanced understanding of space, cooking and optimised workflows. We are renowned for our outstanding maintenance service with fast response time and flexibility. We strive for challenges and excel under difficult circumstances, whether technically or with tight deadlines. We handed over kitchens in less than two weeks. We designed LEED compliant kitchens or kitchens without exhaust. We also designed kitchens in tight spaces that produce hundreds of meals daily. We contribute directly and indirectly in improving our clients’ bottom line.

Have you launched any products or services recently?
We are launching this week a revolutionary line of products based on Non Thermal Plasma (NTP). When used indoors, it ensures active and continuous sanitising of ambient air and surfaces. The air charged with NTP become the active sanitising agent and becomes a natural shield that eliminates instantly all pathogens (viruses, bacteria, molds, yeasts, fungi, volatile organic compounds (VOC), chemical pollutants and allergens…). University of Michigan researchers “envision the technology as an eventual replacement for the surgical mask. It could also provide complementary protection during the long development cycle required for vaccines.” We believe our product will help UAE hospitality sector to recover faster and to become the safest in the world. It will also generate savings on chemicals and labour cost related to cleaning and sanitising.

Is your company involved in any sustainability initiatives?
Rocfort Kitchens is committed to the reduction of plastic usage and has launched a line of drinking water filters. Each filter replaces 12 thousand plastic bottles and offers higher quality drinking water free of pathogens. We are also committed to recommend environment friendly, energy efficient products from reputed manufacturers. We also believe in our social responsibility and have been doing maintenance free of charge from mid-March and running until the end of June to support our partners of the hospitality industry in these unprecedented times.

How does your service or product add value to a hotel’s offering?
We allow our clients to enjoy savings on their kitchens and maintenance. For example, our knives sharpening service that will be launched next month will offer the most competitive rates in UAE. We provide great Front of house kitchens and features like meat and wine cellars or live cooking theatres that integrate greatly with interior design. We believe that our NTP product line will make UAE hotels the safest hotels in the World.

How can hotels contact you?
You can call us at 04 2652552, write to us and visit our website

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