Supplier you should know: Alliance Laundry Systems LLC

Published: 11 May 2020 - 6 a.m.
By: Hotelier Middle East Staff

When was your company established?
The company was founded in 1908, Ripon, Wisconsin, USA.

What services do you supply to the hospitality industry?
We are the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of industrial laundry equipment, comprising of washing
machines, tumble dryers and ironers. Our range extends from 6kg capacity home-style types (suitable for multihousing and with an industrial design and build) through to 200kg capacity machines designed for heavy industrial applications. In addition to the manufacture, we also offer laundry consultancy and design services, installation and aftersales/ parts support and a programme to rehabilitate old machines in accordance with best environmental practices.

What new services have you launched, or will you launch in 2020?
Approximately 85% of our product range has been completely refreshed over the last three years and continues to offer best in class features when it comes to reliability, utility consumption, ease of use and environmental flexibility. In the same period our focus has extended to equipment management options under the broader IoT, from virtual reality design, to remote diagnostics, energy and water consumption, utility usage patterns and the like. Throughout this year we continue to roll out integrated management and laundry payment systems (even pay per use in the hotel sector) and remote software upgrades. A prime example of this is a recently developed third party COVID-19 programme. This was remotely downloaded directly to machines more SUPPLIERS YOU SHOULD KNOW Alliance Laundry Systems LLC than 2,000 times within the first 24 hours of its launch.

What are some trends that you’re seeing in your sector?
If we are talking about the sector BC (Before COVID-19), the main user trends have been similar for the last few years — use less utilities (power, water, chemicals), maintain or reduce capex levels, outsource non-critical items, seek environmentally friendly alternatives (wetcleaning instead of perc), and reduce processing time. And manufacturers have mostly listened and followed suit and have added on better control systems, set up lower cost plants and widened their product offerings. Once the new normal has become established, process control and measurement; risk management (keep it in-house), and usage fl exibility (pay per occupancy) will be key. However, if we have learnt anything over the last quarter, from these unprecedented times, it is that forecasting trends is not an exact science!

How does your company set itself apart from the competition?
The line between industry leadership and making up the numbers is quite small, particularly on the surface. Similar to the hospitality sector, it is being able to offer excellence across all spheres of the business that separates the leaders. The same as a great hotel offers excellence in its hard product (location, build, rooms,) as well as its soft product (staff, F&B etc), all supported by a reasonable price, we aim to have a product that is reliable, economical, technologically adaptable, supported by a knowledgeable, local team with best in class aftersales support, all offered at an attractive value that emphasises our long term partnership goals.

T: +97143474136

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