Marriott International partners with DerbySoft to improve online reservations

Marriott International partners with DerbySoft to improve online reservations
Marriott Hotels International.
Published: 21 January 2014 - 1:10 a.m.
By: Parinaaz Navdar

Marriott International has partnered with DerbySoft, the global hospitality technology provider, for greater metasearch connectivity to websites such as Priceline’s Kayak, RoomKey, Expedia’s Trivago, and Ounar.

DerbySoft claim that as a result of the partnership, Marriott International’s central reservation system is now buffered from large amounts of data requests from multiple travel metasearch engines, while allowing Marriott to capture more direct bookings.

DerbySoft Senior vice president of global business Keith Cotton said: “Hotel companies are realising that consumer searches on metasearch engines can result in enormous volumes of 'shopping messages', or requests for rates and availability data.”

“The way we keep our hotel cache accurate and up to date is through our smart caching predictive analytics software, which uses our proprietary algorithms to optimise how often we need to update the cache of hotel rates and availability information,” he explained.

DerbySoft’s cache system analyses booking patterns and rate changes and checks shopping messages to determine how often it needs to query its customers’ CRSs for rate and availability updates.

“For example, if 80% of our CRS queries indicate the hotel rate hasn’t changed, our smart cache software will automatically adjust the query schedule to send fewer query messages for that hotel for that particular period, and the system will continue to get smarter as time goes on," explained Cotton.

As a result, DerbySoft’s smart cache system minimises the peak-hour traffic to Marriott’s CRS while maintaining high data accuracy and fast response times.

Travel metasearch sites are specialised travel aggregators that provide online listings from hotel suppliers such as hotel companies, central reservations system providers, and OTAs.

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