Saddam Hussein's yacht to be transformed into a hotel

Saddam Hussein's yacht to be transformed into a hotel
Saddam Hussein's Basrah Breeze.
Published: 29 May 2018 - 1:58 a.m.
By: Shishira Sreenivas

Iraq’s deceased dictator Saddam Hussein’s yacht is getting a makeover and will soon be redesigned into a sailor's hotel according to a report by Reuters.

The 82-metre ‘Basrah Breeze’ was built for Hussein back in 1981 has been moored in Basra after Iraq got its custody after a court battle. The deposed dictator’s yacht, which has a presidential suite, 17 smaller guest rooms, a clinic and 18 cabins for the crew, was up for sale for US $30 million.

But because there wasn’t a buyer in the equation, the yacht served as a platform for “Basra University, hosting researchers on trips to study marine life”, according to the report.

But Iraqi authorities have now decided to moor it permanently as a hotel and use it as facility for the port’s sailors.

"The port needs the boat to be a station where sea pilots can rest," said Basra port spokesman Anmar al-Safi to Reuters.

The yacht, which was built by a Danish shipyard while Iraq was still at war with Iran, made its way from Saudi Arabia to a “Saddam ally” to try and “protect it from air strikes on Basra”, officials told Reuters.


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