Five minutes with: The Residence Tunis spa director

Five minutes with: The Residence Tunis spa director
Sonia Agrebi
Published: 14 August 2019 - 8:15 a.m.

Were you always interested in wellness?
Of course, I’m always interested in wellness. Wellness means you live in a state of optimal health, wellbeing and vitality.

How would you describe the concept of the spa at The Residence?
At The Residence Tunis, We combine both Thalasso and spa:

• In Thalasso, the treasures of the ocean brought to you. It was conceived to offer marine therapy to efficiently restore harmony and serenity, to renew, rejuvenate and relax.

• At the Spa, we are guided by a holistic philosophy caring for your skin, body and mind. A new whole wellbeing. Our aim is to help people look and feel their best, have naturally beautiful skin and a renewed sense of inner calm.

What would you say are three key things that any successful spa manager should have in mind?
The three key things that any successful Spa manager should have in mind are:
• Conscientiousness and love
• Embolden staff through communication, creativity and training
• An over the horizon visionary

Personalisation is a growing trend. Do you customise treatments for each guest?
Our skilled therapists are trained to deliver a highly personalised and professional experience to discover a whole new you, unique experience adapted to each guest, you have just to immerse in a spa care and let our specially designed treatment pamper you from head to toe.

How do you ensure that your service standards are maintained?
There are basically two approaches to ensure the service standard at the level of excellence- a proactive approach and a reactive approach.
• Proactive :
o Surveys and questionnaires
o Gap analysis
o Staff training

• Reactive:
A reactive approach basically consists of resorting to a predetermined service recovery mechanism once a customer complains about service quality:
o Measuring service quality
o Leading quality assurance

Which skin care brands do you use in your treatments and why?
ESPA is the chosen brand of the world’s leading spas and skin care experts due to its highly effective treatments and products. The brand takes the point of view that ingredients found in nature are far superior for the skin than chemicals. As a result, the products are mostly natural and contain tri-active blends of plant actives, marine actives and essential oils.

Do you have any new treatments or product launches coming soon?
We will launch a new massage on quartz bed with the concept of the singing (Tibetan) bowl treatment.

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