Five minutes with… Ingrid Gressier

Five minutes with… Ingrid Gressier
TV5MONDE is a reference for French-speaking and Francophile travellers around the world
Published: 21 August 2019 - 2:15 p.m.
By: Claudia De Brito

Tell us about TV5MONDE
Founded in 1984 by France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Quebec, TV5MONDE offers the best French-language programmes of the public channels of its four partner countries. It is the unique global French language entertainment TV network and a reference for French-speaking and Francophile travellers around the world. One of the top three television networks worldwide, it broadcasts nine regional general-entertainment and two thematic channels covering different territories around the globe.

Why is TV5MONDE an ideal choice for hotels in this region?
More and more French speakers are visiting the region, and as a free-to-air general entertainment channel, TV5MONDE offers a varied range of programmes, making it an ideal and all-inclusive choice for French-speaking and Francophile guests. Its well-known and popular shows allow viewers to feel at home wherever they are in the world and add an extra feeling of comfort to any hotel stay. What’s more, TV5MONDE Maghreb Orient, the regional TV5MONDE channel, offers Arabic subtitles for its key programmes, making them accessible to the largest regional audience possible.

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Who does the channel cater to?
Due to its comprehensive selection of programmes, TV5MONDE caters to travellers of all ages, whether business or leisure travellers. As it airs the largest offering of French language television, with programmes originating from French-speaking regions around the world, it is not solely focussed on French travellers but all French speakers and Francophiles. Indeed, 40% of our audience are not native French speakers.

What differentiates TV5MONDE from other channels in terms of programming?
Contrary to news and thematic channels, with TV5MONDE, hotel guests have easy access to in-depth news with different perspectives from various countries, award-winning films, family shows and series, documentaries and international sports on a single canal. TV5MONDE Maghreb Orient in particular offers the largest selection of live sports programmes on our network.

Which channels are available in the region and how can hotels add them to their channel line-up?
Two TV5MONDE channels are available in the region: general entertainment channel TV5MONDE Maghreb Orient -with its main programmes subtitled in Arabic- and our new thematic channel TV5MONDE Style HD, focusing on the French “Art de Vivre” -subtitled in Arabic and English.
Both are free-to-air and easily available in HD on Arabsat. TV5MONDE Maghreb Orient is also available in HD on Nilesat.

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