No firm rules of hotel refurbishment cycle, says expert

No firm rules of hotel refurbishment cycle, says expert
David Lessard
Published: 13 February 2019 - 1:38 a.m.
By: Hotelier Middle East Staff

In a wide-ranging interview with sister title Commercial Interior Design, H+A co-founder and architect David Lessard said that if a hotel is being refurbed within three years "you likely got something wrong".

Asked whether hotels are being refurbished far too often, Lessard replied in the negative and added that there is no "shelf life on a particular design". While refurbs can be carried out for aesthetic appeal, or to integrate new technology or sustainable design elements, the architect said that it is not a rule that hotels must carry out a refurbishment every five to seven years. Some hotels, he said, have gone 20 or more years without a refurbishment, showcasing their timeless design as well as the skills of the designers.

While he admitted there have been many hotel refurbishments over the past five years, that, Lessard said, is a natural part of the cycle. Some hotels that have undergone a refurbishment in the last year alone include the Address Dubai Mall and Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Lessard told Commercial Interior Design: "There has certainly been a wave of refurbishments in the region over the past five years but that is a function of the wave of new hotels constructed eight to 12 years ago. It’s a natural part of the cycle and not a psychological trend among owners. However, with that being said, if your hotel is being refurbished in three years, you likely got something wrong."

Read the full interview to find out Lessard's views on the hotel lobby's future, designing properties that reap financial benefits, and more.






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