Comment: All is well, that starts well

 Comment: All is well, that starts well
Naim Maadad.
Published: 10 July 2019 - 3:15 p.m.

It is a known fact that wellness travel has transformed from a concept of luxury for a chosen few to a much wider audience of travellers.
Wellness travel promotes health and well-being with an overall objective to return feeling healthier, full of zeal and more energetic than when you embarked on the trip. The demand for trips with long lasting benefits that continue way beyond the tan has faded, is growing and this is the direction the world wellness travel is evolving.

A wellness holiday might not only include meal experiences and culinary events to satisfy your diet preferences, but it will likely also involve physical activities like trekking, hiking, paddle boarding, yoga, meditation, surfing, or even running a few extra miles!
You might learn about new, healthier food and recipes that you will take away with you, or be inspired in new ways on group outings which would change your lifestyle forever thereafter.

While wellness travel could help with weight loss, it is not the primary focus. Stress reduction and your overall physical and mental wellbeing are what is important and any reduction in your weight doing so will be a bonus! Whatever be the health and fitness goals, it is likely there is available a wellness holiday available to fit the precise needs and wants.

Since 2015, the global wellness industry has grown 12.8% from US $3.7 trillion to $4.2 trillion. Phenomenal by any stretch of imagination and there is more to come.
There are several ways that hotels can introduce wellness initiatives into their operations without making a sea-change in their brand ethos:

• Wellness Concierge – the process of wellness commences before the guest arrives at the hotel and stays during the entire period of vacation. Through a specialist wellness concierge, the guest can have direct and easy access to the wellness offerings, make scheduled appointments and ensure that make use of their package in totality. This can be easily done through providing specialized training to the existing team in the hotel concierge.

• Team Inspiration – Allow the hotel team to really understand what wellness concept is all about and how vital it is to the future of the operations. A lot of educative training to be given as well opportunities to personally experience all aspects of the wellness tour.

• Trend Setting – Wellness is a trend which is constantly evolving and thereby changing. It is the responsibility of the hotel management to ensure that they are up to speed and catch-up. There is also a need to have training plans that include these latest developments and are ready for implementation – so as to keep guests involved and ensure long term loyalty.

• In-Room Wellness – Including components of wellness into guest rooms which could be relaxing scented oils, diffusers, automated tab to provide access to packages and make bookings.

• Family Wellness – Have a broad perspective on who is the target audience for wellness in hotels. It is certainly a wider spectrum which includes all kinds of hotel guests. By creating innovative family and kids-oriented activities, hotels can cater to a larger group of guests. Spa packages can be designed to attract both adults and kids, which will keep the whole family fully engaged in exploring the world of wellness.

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