Brandview: GOA group

Brandview: GOA group
Barbara Lira, managing director of the GOA Group
Published: 9 July 2019 - 7:30 a.m.
By: Hotelier Middle East Staff
The website’s introducution ( leaves no room for interpretation: Goa Group was born to serve the world of hospitality. A company that has its origins in Italy and brings the good taste, beauty and professional competence that the real Made in Italy possesses.

How and why was Goa Group created?

Created from the union of three people: Augusto Odone, Davide Bresciani and myself, Barbara Lira. We have combined our expertise with regards to hospitality: human resource management, cooking and business development. It all started with a rather simple observation: when we look at staff training and recruitment for the ‘Kitchen and Guest Services’ departments in particular, they are often taken lightly. Companies tend to choose quickly and not provide the right training: that’s where we come in.

What about your clients? Please provide some examples?

I’ll give you three examples that also reflect our three main services: tailor-made training formats, head hunting, consultancy.

I’ll start with Alpitour, the very first Italian tourist company that now moves more than two million tourists every year that chose us to ensure guests from around the world find consistently the outstanding quality and flavours of home. The problem was to identify and train the right resources. In this case for a very specific task: taking care of the ‘Pasta’ corner. There was also the need to position them in the right properties and, last but not least, there was the need to standardise the recipes.

After finding the staff, we partnered with one of the best and most important cooking schools in Italy and provided staff with training that was not only practical but also prepared them for what they would find at the destination.

Concerning our head hunting part, I want to talk about companies such as Costa Crociere and MSC, which are leading cruise companies in Europe and Asia. They came to know about our product and our ability to select the best people quickly and with an attention to detail that reflects the high level of service that they offer.

This is how we began to support them in what is recruitment for the Galley: kitchen, pastry bakery and Hospitality, including management.

I’ll finish with our consultancy services. Always thanks to our in house corporate chefs, clients have entrusted us with either opening, restore or even boost kitchens in all their parts. From the set up of the forniture and machinery, to the recruitment of staff, to menu ceation and anything else may be needed.

How does the recruiting part work?

We go one step forward. This means our recruitment process doesn't stop at a quick chat with the candidates. It goes in deep and ensures that each of them not only has the skills required for the position but also the will and right mindset to work for the client. All this is possible thanks to the fact that our recruiters are all professionals who come from the hospitality industry.

Why the Middle East?

After representing our country in several different places around the world, we are now ready for the UAE market, where the Made in Italy is appreciated and where large companies have less and less time for quality recruiting. We see future and opportunities in the Middle East.

The care and attention to details that is put into every step of recruitment is something that is not often seen and it is beautiful to see how, both candidates and clients, really become an extension of this family. So now imagine having real professionals that come from the world of hospitality and can so help you provide your guests with the best possible service.

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