Concierges are ‘more helpful’ than Google: Fairmont The Palm

Concierges are ‘more helpful’ than Google: Fairmont The Palm
Fairmont the Palm's Francis Owori (pictured)
Published: 20 June 2019 - 11 a.m.
By: Ashley Williams

What made you want to enter the competition? What are your expectations?

The Concierge Mastermind of the Year competition is a great initiative that will not only be a fun and challenging experience, but also a platform that will build connection within the concierges in the city and other stockholders involved in the Concierge Mastermind of the Year competition.

What are your chances of winning?

I believe it won’t be an easy competition especially with a number of skilled and experienced concierges that we have in the city. Through my experience, hard work and focus on the competition, I am confident that I will win the competition.

What do you think makes a good concierge?

A good concierge is one who turns moment into memories for the guests. With the local expertise, impressive connection and influence, they should turn what seems impossible into a possible moment to make unforgettable memories for each and every single guest.

What’s your favourite hidden gem about Dubai? What would you recommend to the guests?

Dubai is one of the most exciting places to live or visit. From the beaches to the soaring skyscrapers, malls to a buzzing foodie scene, there’s plenty to see and do here. However, there are many hidden gems that are not know by many. The city is so dynamic and the concierges have to work hard to keep themselves updated and master the city more than anyone else.

The Coffee Museum Dubai

The Coffee Museum – a café, shop and cultural experience rolled into one space. You can also learn all about its origins and also make your own coffee creations at home then there’s all sorts of Barista equipment to buy (we’re keen on the latte art pens). There are books on everything from home-roasting to recipes and the history of coffee.

The Majlis Café, Jumeirah Mosque

A little gem within the grounds of the Jumeirah Mosque – the Majlis Dubai is shaded by old ghaf trees and is, by its own admission, the ‘first and finest camel milk café in Dubai’. There are milk shakes, camel-chino’s, camel-latte’s, camel milk ice-cream and camel milk cheeses and creams.

What is that one thing that people don’t know about concierge?

Concierge are more helpful than Google even with the current change where travel has changed with influx of online resources and this is especially because of the strong connection, personal touch, knowledge, flexibility to treat each and every single guest and travellers as a unique individual with anticipation and proactive manner.

How do you think the competition will benefit Dubai’s concierge sector?

The competition will create a platform not only to showcase the concierge skills and knowledge but also a show of appreciation to the concierge’s efforts. Above all, it will be a prestigious experience for those participating and whoever will emerge as the winner.

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