Calling all Dubai concierges to enter our brand new competition

Calling all Dubai concierges to enter our brand new competition
City Sightseeing's general manager, Cedric Scherer (pictured)
Published: 22 May 2019 - 12:30 p.m.
By: Ashley Williams

Hotelier Middle East has launched a brand new event, the Concierge Mastermind of the Year competition, designed to celebrate the involvement of concierges in Dubai.

The competition was introduced to create a competitive environment for concierges who are often left in the dark and not credited for all their efforts.

The event will split into two heats and final round that will be held on Wednesday 28th August, Wednesday 18th September and Wednesday 16th October respectively. The winner will be announced at the Hotelier Middle East Awards on the 23rd October.

Sponsoring the event will be hop-on hop-off bus tour company, City Sightseeing, who told Hotelier Middle East why concierges should be involved in the competition.

“We wanted to shine a light on a crucial role in the tourism and hotel industry for the position of the concierge and give them a chance to be properly recognised for delivering exceptional service for a recognisable, important city like Dubai,” said City Sightseeing Dubai’s general manager, Cedric Scherer.

“Concierges are always the first and last point of contact for guests at hotels. We wanted to create this event to bring all the best protagonists of the city that are involved in showing the best, the quirky and the unknown that are to be discovered about Dubai.”

Scherer added that having an event like this will give concierges a goal and an end result.

“The winners will have significant recognition and offer an opportunity to bask among your peers, as well as being able to celebrate your profession. The event gives concierges their time in the limelight and to share information and work together.”

The event will also offer several benefits for the concierges, with every entrant receiving a free one day pass with a plus one for the City Sightseeing bus tour.

And those who come out on top at the event, can expect further rewards. Concierges will have the chance to win cash prizes and also other benefits. The winner will receive 5,000 dirhams, as well as a table with four other guests for the Hotelier Middle East Awards all expenses paid. Those that are awarded second and third place accolades will be handed 1,500 dirhams each.

Email your entries to by Wednesday 31 July. Don’t miss out!

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