Supplier Q&A: Nespresso

Supplier Q&A: Nespresso
Yassir Corpataux
Published: 23 September 2019 - 12:45 p.m.
By: Claudia De Brito
Tell us about the Nespresso Vertuo?
This is our latest innovation featuring a new brewing method. It actually combines rotational speed and infusion (centrifusion) which is a more gentle way of creating a cup of coffee. It allows you to extract bigger, larger cups of coffee.

How is this machine different to previous models?
The Nespresso Vertuo produces coffee in five different volumes. It’s a versatile machine because you can make an espresso at 40ml, double espresso at 80ml, grand lungo at 150ml or a Nespresso mug at 230ml. For travel mugs, we also have the alto at 440ml. We are proposing this new solution for big cup coffee drinkers which was lacking before.

Do you see the Nespresso Vertuo being used by hotels?
We always think about how our consumers are using our machines. For me, as a guest in a hotel room, I would love to have a Nespresso Vertuo machine. It is easy to use, you cannot make a mistake on the extraction size of the coffee so there’s no risk of under extracting or over extracting the coffee. You're going to have the perfect quality in the cup.

Are capsules a sustainable solution when it comes to in-room amenities?
I know that hotels have a lot of commitments when it comes to sustainability and the environment. Partnering with a brand like Nespresso, it would make sense because we have a recycling programme in place and we can actually enhance this aspect and emphasise it. The big hotels that we are working with currently are really asking for a lot of information so, I'm really happy to be able to pass this message to them because they are actually proud to work with a company that is respectful of the environment and also of the people working in the sector and industry.

Tell us more about the AAA Programme.
The AAA Programme is very simple. We work with plants and people. It’s important for us to create a sustainable business. In 2003, we decided to found this sustainable quality programme based on a qualitative scale that is well known in the coffee industry. Premium coffee or gourmet coffee is scaled as AA. We decided to partner with the Rainforest Alliance, which is an NGO that certifies quality of coffee crops around the world. We partnered with them to go even beyond what is being done. We said "Yes, we want to grow coffee in the right way" which meant increasing the livelihood of the coffee farmers and respecting the environment. We want a qualitative coffee which is why we added a third ‘A’ to the scale.
For us it was a way to create this win-win relationship and to create a sustainable business. This programme helps us increase the quality of the coffee production and the livelihood of the farmers.

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