Pop-up hotels could enter Middle East says expert

Pop-up hotels could enter Middle East says expert
Gaurav Sinha
Published: 3 February 2020 - 1:45 p.m.
The concept of temporary ‘pop-up’ hotels could become more common as hospitality becomes increasingly experience-led, according to industry expert Gaurav Sinha.

Based in Dubai, Sinha is the brain behind luxury hospitality and tourism branding communications firm Insignia Worldwide, along with development advisory and management company Quillon Hospitality.

Sister publication Arabian Business also noted he is the founder of In.Travel, a sales representation and revenue optimisation frim for hotels.

In an interview with Arabian Business, Sinha said that he believes “hotel experiences will evolve” over the coming years.

“You may have hotels, or destination resorts, that have their own vertical farms attached to their rooms,” he said. “You might get the freshest lettuce from your resort. You won’t have to import it from Fiji or wherever.”

“Who says that hotels have to be permanent? I think we’ll see a rise in these pop-up hotels,” he said.

“You’ll have portable hotels which will come up. You can plant ‘pods’ in Fujairah and have a hotel that comes up for the weekend and moves somewhere else.”

“Those are the new experiences that people will follow,” he added. “Content programming, or what you do within a property, is going to become even more important,” concluded Sinha.

Hotelier Middle East covered the concept of pop-up hotels more than a decade ago, speaking about temporary hotels appearing in the UK. In 2009, these London-based hotel concepts were intended to cater to budget travellers.

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