Five Minutes With: The Peaks founder

Five Minutes With: The Peaks founder
Maryanne Peacock
Published: 16 January 2020 - 6:15 a.m.
By: Claudia De Brito

Have you always been interested in hotels and hospitality?
I have been interested in hospitality for as long as I can remember and thanks to my relocation to Dubai and Emirates airline making the rest of the world super accessible, the passion for all things hotels grew and grew! I have had the chance to work with some fantastic hotels over the years which has only cemented my love for hospitality.

What inspired you to start The Peaks?
The Peaks was born from a desire to introduce the Middle East market to the world’s best boutique, bespoke and beautiful hotels, as well as privately-owned villas, offering members a doorway into luxury and personalised travel without the hefty price tags. In my experience, I have found that people stick to what they know. In the market at the moment, the hospitality industry is very much focused on the big and bold hotels – we see a lot of chains in the market, with most hotels offering 200 keys or more. When people come to travel, they seem to be booking with Marriott, Hilton, Jumeriah or Minor etc and therefore missing out on all the beautiful, boutique and bespoke hotels around the world – that is where we hope to step in!

What sets it apart from other travel clubs?
The way we see it, today luxury travel is about more than just five-star hotels and fine dining. More and more we are not seeking opulence, nor do we want to wear dinner jackets and high heels on our holidays. Indulging in luxury travel for its own sake is no longer enough. We want experiences. We want memories. Step in The Peaks – we provide a new type of travel experience and a peak into new luxury by allowing members the chance to explore the best in the boutique, bespoke and beautiful at discounted rates, and indulge in personalised, one-of-a-kind experiences, both around the world and close to home. We also have two other very important elements of the website - to truly enjoy a destination, our members will need the best local tips from the savviest explorers. The Peaks Plans offers first-hand information and advice on each destination, covering everything from driver recommendations and tour guides to cafes and shopping suggestions. With the help of local gurus at each of our handpicked hotels, plus the talented team at The Peaks, The Peaks Plans covers all the essentials at each destination. Meanwhile, The Peaks Perks unlocks offers for our members, giving them access to our partners’ discounted products and services. In need of a last minute bikini or some new sunglasses? The Peaks Perks has all basis covered when it comes to pre and post travel plus the trip itself!

What are some travel trends that you’ve seen emerge?
There are a few things we kept in mind when creating The Peaks:

Tiny Trips: more people want to travel, but few people have the time for a long trip, either due to familial responsibilities, work responsibilities or just a lack of vacation days. Additionally, more people want to visit more destinations and be more well-travelled. Due to our fantastic discounts and array of fabulous partners, travelling more frequently has become more accessible with The Peaks.

Local Experiences: The days when travellers expected to be cloistered in a resort, consuming the same food they ate at home and interacting with people from their own country, are drawing to a close. Today’s travellers now crave engagement with the people, cultures and landscapes of the countries they visit. Local food is a key feature of many trips, with people keen to try new things. Step in The Peaks Plans – thanks to our hotel partners, we share our top tips on how to immerse in the local culture and food!

Eco Travel: Today’s customers are more ecologically conscious than ever and current trends reflect that. Every hotel on The Peaks embrace this trend and ensure they are being as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

What would you say are the top destinations for travellers from the UAE?
At the moment, I would say London, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives and Bali. Our focus has started on the Asian market however we will be shifting are efforts to Europe and later, the US during 2020.

Do you have any new launches or partnerships coming up?
Yes – we have launched with over 55 hotels on our books and 8 Peaks Perks partners.

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