Comment: New UAE logo will boost tourism

Comment: New UAE logo will boost tourism
7 Lines represents each of the seven emirates
Published: 19 January 2020 - 11:30 a.m.
By: Josh Corder

The UAE’s new national logo – named 7 Lines – is expected to help boost the country’s tourism and international image.

Virtue PR & Marketing Communcations CEO Firas Sleem weighed in, saying the logo is a prime example of the UAE’s mission for prosperity, inclusivity and modernity.

He said: “The logo is a fitting representative of the UAE’s cherished values and principles such as tolerance, respect, love, and solidarity that the country’s founding fathers had set. People of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds have been living side-by-side harmoniously in the country for years. This peaceful co-existence anchored on the Emirates’ strong ideals continues to attract expatriates, visitors, and investors all over the world. We fully support this significant initiative that will mark a new milestone in the country’s journey towards prosperity in modern times.”

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In regards to the UAE’s tourism sector, Saleem continued: “With the new logo expected to affect how the world sees the Emirates, the country is seen to attract more tourists, foreign investors, new global trade partners, and the world’s best talents.”

Chosen by popular vote, 7 Lines represents each of the seven emirates and the leaders whom agreed to unite under one flag almost 50 years ago.

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