Sell It To Me: Slayer

Sell It To Me: Slayer
Slayer espresso machines are available for purchase around the world thanks to a number of regional warehouses
Published: 9 January 2020 - 1:15 p.m.
By: Hotelier Middle East Staff

Tell us about your new launch
The Slayer Steam LPx is a dream come true for those seeking absolute control of extraction and repeatability for coffee service. This incredibly intuitive machine automatically records your settings as you dial in with the Record & Playback feature, making it easy to get your espresso recipe right and then make the same great shot all day. Easily extract delicious espresso every time with programmable pre-infusion, post-infusion and volumetric settings. The LPx’s cutting edge technological abilities empower the barista to extract absolutely excellent coffees for their guest, an experience they won’t forget.

Why is this machine an ideal choice for hotels in the region?
The entire hospitality industry is on the cusp of adapting a deeper coffee culture and those who initiate this programme are likely to see their guests raving about the best cup of coffee they’ve ever had. Luxury hotels already aim to provide unforgettable fine dining experiences, capturing the robust coffee market is low-hanging fruit in an industry where nearly everyone wakes up wondering where they might grab a fresh cup of coffee.

What sets the Slayer Steam LPx apart from its competitors?
Hotels have the opportunity to invite their guests to enjoy the wonderful amenities onsite, including a comfortable café with exceptional espresso. The Steam LPx immediately provides a visual queue that this café is serious about quality coffee.

Where are Slayer espresso machines available?
Slayer espresso machines are available for purchase around the world thanks to our regional warehouses in USA, Australia, and Italy. We support the Gulf region from our regional EMEA headquarters in Milan, Italy and through a capillary distribution network of resellers. Simply contact our team at to be connected with the best representative for you.

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