Hilton extends hotel hygiene campaign to MICE sector

Published: 20 July 2020 - 8:45 a.m.
By: Josh Corder
Following the success of its CleanStay programme, hospitality giant Hilton has extended its rigorous hygiene campaign to the MICE sector.

Hitlon’s EventReady campaign aims to deploy the same level of hygiene into properties’ meetings and event spaces as seen in the guest rooms. Hilton president and CEO Chris Nassetta explained: “At Hilton, we’ve always believed in the power of in-person connections and take pride in the exceptional experiences our teams create in partnership with event professionals.”

He added: “In today’s new normal, we know that people planning and attending events of any size are focused on their health and safety. Hilton EventReady delivers innovative solutions for the entire event experience – from flexibility in planning and physical distancing protocols to transparency in cleanliness policies and inspiring catering options.”

To ensure each meetings and event space is safe, Hilton has identified key touch points to continuously sanitise. It has also rolled out safety seals, similar to those in guest rooms, to be placed on meeting space doors to assure the users the room is hygienic.

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A Hilton employee will also be present at the meeting to address any health concerns clients may have. Hilton will also introduce creative physical distancing solutions and provide a revamped meal service with hygiene in mind.

Hilton CleanStay is a collaboration with RB, the maker of Lysol and Dettol, to better train the Hilton workforce on cleaning and hygiene. Consulting with Mayo Clinic’s Infection Prevention and Control team, Hilton has enacted a range of new disinfection protocols across guest rooms, restaurants, fitness rooms and other public spaces.

The programme will be implemented across 6,100 different properties.

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