What hotels have to consider when launching daycations

Published: 21 July 2020 - 8:15 a.m.
By: Josh Corder
This week Hotelier Middle East went 'behind the scenes’ of daycations in the region, looking at how hoteliers make their deals as attractive as possible.

However, as well as providing an attractive proposition for guests, there are things for hotels to consider before they take the plunge and launch the offers.

Below are the things that hotels take into account:

Lack of time
Some of the professionals we spoke to revealed that daycations simply do not offer the same ‘full’ experience as a typical hotel stay. As the name suggests, daycations do not offer a night stay in a hotel, nor the freshly prepared breakfast in the morning. While this translates to siezable savings for the guest, for others it can feel like an incomplete getaway.

Marriott International area VP for luxury brands in the UAE Sandeep Walia explained: “For customers that are looking for that ‘quick fix’ feeling of relaxation and down time, daycations may well be the perfect solution. However, we believe the main drawback is not being able to get the full hotel or resort experience - staying overnight, waking up to a delicious breakfast and overall not being limited to a certain time-frame.

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The attractive prospect for guests is being able to avail a wide range of offers during their day at the property, including pool passes, discounted food and beverages and, sometimes, spa treatments. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) at Dubai Festival City area director of sales & marketing Michael Borges urges that hotels mustn’t go too far with these deals, or else their profits could take a hit. He said: “The internal allocation of service cost, for example, food or beverage is also crucial to ensure profitability is assured. The last thing you want is an idea to really work on a media and top-line revenue point of view but deteriorates your balance sheet.

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Successful daycation offers rely on having a pool and F&B venues for guests to take advantage of, but for properties without such facilities, daycations become a trickier avenue to explore. Time Hotels CEO Mohamed Awadalla said: “Clearly those hotels with limited facilities and F&B offering will suffer as predominantly those taking advantage of a daycation offer are looking for a day of rest and relation by the pool, beach, or a brunch with family and friends.”

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But while there may be drawbacks to offering daycations, all the hospitality professionals we spoke to said daycations have helped their businesses as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic's toughest times.

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