Start-ups to take centre stage at RDPETRO 2018

Start-ups to take centre stage at RDPETRO 2018
Start-ups are invited to apply to exhibit at RDPETRO and use the event as a platform to network, engage, attract investment, collaborate and innovate.
Published: 2 April 2018 - 2:30 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery

RDPETRO, the largest oil and gas conference in the world fully dedicated to research and development, is to be held during 9-10 May 2018 in Abu Dhabi.

This year, there is a particular focus on tech start-ups who will play a pivotal role in bringing new perspectives to RDPETRO, which presents a unique platform and business growth opportunities for these innovative organisations to show the potential of their projects, products and research, and compete for investment.

Bringing together entrepreneurial thinkers in new start-ups, with advanced research institutions, oil and gas majors, established tech giants and engineering companies, RDPETRO fosters closer collaboration across industries to help solve real oil and gas challenges. The forum enables leading energy companies to source and invest in innovative solutions and new technologies that optimise oil and gas resources, and create value. Organisers announced that they have already received more than 300 research submissions and 160 conference abstracts from over 30 countries with 100 institutions already engaged, and leading oil and gas companies confirmed as partners.

Start-ups are invited to apply to exhibit at RDPETRO and use the event as a platform to network, engage, attract investment, collaborate and innovate. They have the opportunity to attend for free and pitch their solutions to the RDPETRO partners who are willing to invest in innovative technologies that can have value adding application in their industry.

The application process for start-ups is simple: they need to create a one-minute video using their mobile phone, outlining why their innovations and why they should be selected to showcase at RDEPETRO. This needs to be submitted along with the application by 31 March.

A judging panel of industry and technology experts will then select the most innovative start-ups to exhibit free of charge, with the chosen ones notified by 14 April giving them a month to plan and prepare. This offer affords the newcomers a chance to showcase their projects, innovations and solutions to over 2,000 key leaders and decision makers in the R&D, and oil and gas sector.

Qasem Al Kayoumi, chairman, RDPETRO, and unit manager, ADNOC's Technical Centre, home to ADNOC’s R&D, said: “RDPETRO is arguably the only event of this kind, focusing on the innovations and solutions, and giving start-ups free access to some of the largest oil and gas companies and their brightest minds – if they can show the value of their products and ideas. Not to mention the potential to tap into multi-million dollar funds, as the projects of the highest quality will be awarded for engineering excellence and the tangible application of these emerging technologies.”

“We want start-ups and their creative and entrepreneurial minds to develop and deploy their ideas and technologies to help solve real oil and gas challenges, seize new opportunities in our sector, and effectively manage through cutting-edge innovation. Those who have the daring to break away from the mould and build something bold, while being deployment focused, deserve encouragement and a stage. That is what we are giving them. Such an occasion is also a meeting point for the big players to mingle with the young ones and enjoy a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas.”

Equally, academic institutions are also invited to apply to attend for free in order to highlight their inspiring research programmes, elaborate on their faculty and facilities, gain access to the oil and gas industry's top players and establish new collaborations.

RDPETRO is hosted by ADNOC, along with industry partners who will jointly fund the best R&D projects that they see as having growth and value-add potential. The partners include global leaders and top-tier corporations like BP, Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC), Japan Oil Development Company (JODCO), Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC), Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC), Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Petronas, Schlumberger, Siemens, Total and Wintershall.

RDPETRO organisers recently announced a date change for the 2018 event in response to the request of the large international delegation interested in attending, asking to move the event by a couple of days to coincide with the Monday to Friday working week. “RDPETRO is the international hub for R&D in oil and gas, and we could not be indifferent to the multiple requests from the international researchers and innovators who submitted over 500 proposals and abstracts from more than 30 different countries. Without them the event would not be possible,” said Tiago Hipolito, event director, RDPETRO, and R&D advisor, ADNOC.

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