HP's high-performance workstations: Unlocking the value of Industry 4.0

HP's high-performance workstations: Unlocking the value of Industry 4.0
Published: 30 June 2019 - 11:45 a.m.
By: Carla Sertin

As the oil and gas sector continues to transform digitally, industry leaders are looking towards more sophisticated hardware and software to power their digital growth. While the spotlight is often taken by technology in the field, digitalisation efforts must begin far earlier.

Designers and engineers work painstakingly to ensure that operations run smoothly, and with the incredible complexity of oilfields and refineries, they must often consider the integrity, utility and design optimisation of thousands of individual assets.

With the growing sophistication of high-performance laptops, they can get increased quality and utility without being tied to their desks. HP's ZBook Mobile Workstations, a line-up of six laptops from the global tech giant, are prime examples of this technology.

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“Today’s mobile users are looking for premium products with outstanding performance, differentiated design, resilient security and practical collaboration tools to create anytime, anywhere, without limits,” said Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager, HP Z Workstations at HP Inc.

As part of the region's digital growth, mobility as well as remote collaboration are becoming expectations, not options. HP ZBook Mobile Workstations enable collaboration by allowing users to take their complex designs, schematics and simulations wherever the go, meaning they can be shared more easily with their peers. It also takes collaboration to the next level with a world-facing microphone and the HP Premium Collaboration Keyboard.

Cybersecurity is a key concern for oil and gas companies looking to digitalise, and nearly 70% of organisations have reported compromised laptops in the past two years. That is why the HP ZBooks have been designed to be the most secure and manageable mobile workstations, with a wide range of advanced safety features.

Designed with engineers in mind, the HP ZBook 15v boasts four terabytes of high-speed storage, and easily takes on complex 2D and 3D models with certified NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics. Loaded with 6-core Intel® Xeon® processors and 32 gigabytes of memory, this is not a laptop that should be underestimated. The device is AutoCAD, Autodesk and Solidworks certified, making it a top choice for engineers and engineering students.

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Meanwhile, the HP ZBook 15 is certified for complex software applications like Siemens NX and Catia. Its VR capabilities also mean that the workstation could facilitate the next generation of oil and gas engineering and digital twin expertise, on the go.

“Whether it’s the game-changing design of the world’s most powerful convertible PC, the world’s most powerful mobile workstation or the world’s most secure mobile workstations, HP is delivering the products that creative and technical workers crave,” Garcia added.


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