Gall Thomson releases new protection against offshore oil spills

Gall Thomson releases new protection against offshore oil spills
Published: 8 June 2019 - 1:30 p.m.
By: Carla Sertin

Gall Thomson has launched Petal17, a Marine Breakaway Coupling (MBC) designed to minimise risk of offshore oil spills due to tanker breakout of pressure surge during hose transfer operations.

The Petal17 is the result of over 40 years of in-field experience and major capital investment from parent company Signum Technology.

CNC manufacturing of Petal Valves provides greater precision than previous manufacturing techniques. Petal17 also has a unique Petal Valve locking mechanism that delivers improved performance for those activations when adverse weather conditions and low pressure coincide.

Following recommendations made by the Oil Companies International Marines Forum (OCIMF), Petal17 is pre-fitted with Unit Status Indicators. These enable visual inspection of MBC status without the need to remove the unit from the line.

Across its range, the Petal17 is an average of 20% lighter than the previous Gall Thomson MBC range – which was already the lightest on the market. Together with the Gall Thomson Ultrafloat, the Petal17 delivers positive buoyancy even on activation.

“The Signum philosophy of intelligent investment has enabled the experience and engineering ability at Gall Thomson to deliver the Petal17 – which is a significant step forward for the industry and far more advanced than anything else on the market,” said Jeff Vile, Signum Technology’s Sales and Compliance Director.

“As the product name suggests, this is the 17th iteration of Petal Valve Marine Breakaway Coupling design from Gall Thomson. We are by far the most experienced manufacturer in this sector and extremely excited to provide operators with these additional operating and lower risk benefits.”

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