Partitioning oil sector will put Libya's integrity "at grave risk": NOC chairman

Partitioning oil sector will put Libya's integrity "at grave risk": NOC chairman
Published: 22 September 2019 - 5 a.m.
By: Carla Sertin

Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) condemned attempts to divide its subsidiary Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC), and rejected allegations that fuel supplies to the Eastern region are inadequate.

NOC Chairman Eng. Mustafa Sanalla said: “NOC rejects any attempts to partition and politicise Libya’s oil sector to serve narrow interests and foreign agendas. Fuel supply to the Eastern and Central regions is more than adequate for civilian purposes. The real motive behind this attempt is to set up a new illegitimate entity for the illegal export of oil from Libya.

"Let us be clear, if NOC loses its oil export monopoly, the future integrity of Libya is at grave risk," he continued. "It is disappointing that the people behind this attempt to divide the nation put their personal ambitions ahead of the unity and integrity of the country. NOC is exploring all legal and diplomatic measures, and puts all companies operating on the oil market on notice that any attempt to deal or sign contracts with this false company is a clear violation of Security Council resolutions. NOC will pursue all legal avenues available to secure Libya’s unity.”

NOC’s board noted that aviation fuel supplies to the Eastern and Central regions in the first three months of 2019 were 21% higher relative to 2018; and 52% higher from April to August. In August, aviation fuel supplies were reduced because of the availability of sufficient and adequate reserves at the region warehouses, which reached their full storage capacity.

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