Five minutes with Majed Al Shodari, chairman, Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum

Five minutes with Majed Al Shodari, chairman, Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum
Published: 18 August 2019 - 8:30 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery
Why is the Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum a crucial platform?
As a result of the Saudi Vision 2030 announcement, events like the Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum are great because they act as the starting point for launching new initiatives and learning platform to further enhance the Saudi Vision 2030 campaign.

The Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum is a uniquely inclusive yet specialised event due to focusing comprehensively on all areas and branches of technology; in addition to its inclusivity, the forum is attracting the most experienced speakers in the field along with the presence of the most distinguished influencers in each industry for all emerging technologies to create a seamless cross-channel experience.

The forum gives the delegates the flexibility to tweak the industrial and marketing across multiple channels and optimise their ways to success with strategic thinking. It is all too easy for your thinking to be stuck in silos.

A unified forum, on the other hand, allows you to tread waters and think ahead as strategy-first instead of channel-first. In addition, I consider this forum as a great opportunity to all IT senior management, because having an all-in-one forum means you can learn, shop, and gain everything from one place, which represents a much more efficient way to operate as you can access all the support you need in one place.

As the chairman of the forum along with the organising team, we would ensure that the participants will benefit from being a part of this important event. An all-in-one platform with the aim to enable collaborative strategic thinking saves time and effort.

What outcomes would you like the conference to achieve?
We are expecting the audience to share their challenges for discussion where they can find perfectly matching solutions by our experts and qualified speakers. Therefore, it depends primarily on the panel discussion, round table discussion, and workshops where they are among the sources of learning and sharing knowledge, during the forum.

In addition, we are expecting lot of networking opportunities for all our attendees and participants, which will allow direct access to senior management in Saudi Arabia, especially the decision-makers. Simply, whoever is working in the IT field, or connected to the IT from business perspective need to attend this big show and they have my word that the forum will exceed their expectations.

How can the conference contribute to Saudi Vision 2030 discussion?
The Saudi Council of Ministers has tasked the Council of Economic and Development Affairs (CEDA) to identify and monitor the mechanisms and measures crucial for the implementation of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. To achieve the 96 strategic objectives of Vision 2030, the CEDA established 13 Vision Realisation Programmes (VRPs).

The question now is: What is the shared required platform throughout all these programmes, initiatives and objectives? And, what are the basic requirements to establish, monitor and manage a successful digital transformation plan? The answer, with no doubt, is qualified manpower, governance, technology, and investment. This is why the forum is being organised, to educate by sharing knowledge and expertise with a platform showcasing the latest emerging technologies and the best practices in governance. That is why professionals must consider this forum as critical as the Saudi Vision 2030 objectives as an enabler on solid ground to gain all-in-one support.

What opportunities are available in the Saudi market for international organisations?
The international investments in the Saudi Arabia are becoming more flexible and managed in an unprecedented way because of the Saudi Council of Economic and Development Affairs, which is one of two sub cabinets of the kingdom. The council breaks down the roles and responsibilities of the relevant government agencies and mechanisms, including a strategic committee and an office of strategic management. Therefore, with mentioned missions, diversity, and governance, it is undeniable that Saudi Arabia is today the ultimate land of opportunities. I do strongly believe that opportunities in the Saudi market for international organisations are available due to the diversity of Saudi Vision 2030 programmes.

What would you like to say to prospective delegates of the forum?
Registered delegates will enjoy unmatched learning and networking experiences, as well as opportunities to make a difference not just in Saudi Arabia, but also in the region and the world as a whole. It is imperative to clarify that the forum is primarily created for delegates, as they are the only people who can provide input on critical technological issues; it is for the Saudi community, by the Saudi community.

The forum’s delegates will not only earn an attendance certificate but more importantly, they have the potential to make a lasting impact on critical technological issues across the entire kingdom and the region.

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