Saudi Aramco Technologies Company, Siluria Technologies collaborate to maximise chemical production

Saudi Aramco Technologies Company, Siluria Technologies collaborate to maximise chemical production
OCM (oxidative coupling of methane) technology of Siluria Technologies enables the crude-oil-to-chemicals process.
Published: 13 June 2018 - 8:30 p.m.
By: Martin Menachery

Saudi Aramco Technologies Company and Siluria Technologies have executed a multi-plant technology licence for the integration of Siluria’s proprietary technology (natural gas to olefins) with Saudi Aramco’s high-olefins cracking process technology.

Siluria’s natural-gas-to-olefins technology, based on oxidative coupling of methane chemistry, is available for licence in stand-alone configurations, as well as integration within a wide range of existing process plants; including steam crackers, propane dehydrogenation units, oil refineries, and methanol plants.

By integrating Siluria’s technology with existing facilities, operators can upgrade their methane-containing by-product streams from fuel to chemical value, improving carbon efficiency and production rates.

Robert Trout, Siluria’s president and CEO said: “Converting methane containing off-gases to higher value chemicals adds meaningful economic value, while plant integration can deliver excellent capital efficiencies. We are thrilled to be working with a company like Aramco towards some of the largest and most technologically advanced petrochemical facilities the industry has ever seen.”

“As we engage more customers around the world, our clients are helping to discover new and exciting ways in which our technologies can be used to improve the economics, operability, and environmental footprint of their existing process plants,” added Trout.

Ahmad Al Khowaiter, chief technology officer of Saudi Aramco, commented: “Maximising the output of high-value chemicals products from our future crude oil processing projects is one of the key objectives in our downstream technology strategy.”

“We see a strong fit with Siluria’s ‘gas-to-olefins’ technology in certain plant configurations, and look forward to collaborating further with Siluria to realise the value of these processes,” added Al Khowaiter.

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