BASF, Linde win ICIS award for the best process innovation

BASF, Linde win ICIS award for the best process innovation
Jury member Detlef Kratz President Process Research and Chemical Engineering at BASF SE congratulates Nicole Schoedel Head of Chemical Development Services at Linde Engineering and Virginie Lanver project leader for the development of the SYNSPIRE catalyst at BASF
Published: 19 December 2019 - 4 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery
Linde’s DRYREF syngas process in combination with BASF’s SYNSPIRE catalyst enable steam reforming of methane in dryer conditions and the use of CO2 as feedstock, contributing to energy savings and improved CO2 footprint.

For this new technology, BASF and Linde Engineering have now received the ICIS Award 2019 for Best Process Innovation. Each year, an expert jury selects the winners of the innovation awards.

ICIS chemical business deputy editor, Will Beacham, who chaired the award judging panel, says: "Finding the right balance between profitability, energy efficiency and cutting CO2 emissions is a challenging task in process development. Linde and BASF have collaborated to push the boundaries of chemistry to propose a ground-breaking new catalyst and steam-reforming process with higher efficiency, lower energy demand and a lower CO2 footprint.

“The judges were also impressed by the teamwork involved in a joint entry and were pleased to be able to give the award to a new process which could have a significant impact on the global chemical industry and CO2 emissions."

Detlef Ruff, senior vice president, process catalysts at BASF, says: “This project is an excellent example of how our broad expertise in catalysis and process research combined with Linde’s deep know-how in process technology can drive radical innovation. The common achievement is the result of a long-term collaboration of both companies that required trust, openness, excellent technical skills, long-term vision and readiness to take some risks.

Klaus Ohlig, head of Research and Development of Linde Engineering, says: “We are very proud to receive this award as it honours Linde’s and BASF’s strong commitment to provide more sustainable solutions to its customers. With DRYREF and SYNSPIRE, we provide a solution to customers that is environmentally and commercially attractive.”

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