Dupont Clean Technologies wins Shenghong Petrochemical contract for STRATCO alkylation technology

Dupont Clean Technologies wins Shenghong Petrochemical contract for STRATCO alkylation technology
Published: 11 July 2019 - 8 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery
DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) has been awarded contracts to supply Shenghong Petrochemical Group with a STRATCO alkylation technology licence, engineering, and proprietary equipment.

Shenghong is undertaking a project to design and construct a new alkylation unit as part of its grassroots petrochemical and refining facility with crude oil capacity of 16mn mtpa (320,000bpsd) located in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, China. The STRATCO alkylation unit at the Shenghong Petrochemical and Refining facility will be designed to produce 440kmta (10,987bpsd) of alkylate product.

The STRATCO alkylation unit will enable the Shenghong Petrochemical and Refining facility to generate low-sulphur, high-octane, low-Rvp alkylate, with zero olefins, that meets the criteria of upcoming China VI standards, which will take effect prior to the start-up of the Shenghong facility in 2021.

DuPont looks forward to working with Shenghong on this exciting, new opportunity, as the company sets out to build a world-leading petrochemical industry park,” says Kevin Bockwinkel, global licensing business manager, STRATCO alkylation technology, DuPont Clean Technologies.

“We were very pleased an alkylation unit had been included in the complex configuration as Shenghong is looking for the most efficient way to make high-quality fuels in its cutting-edge crude-to-chemicals plant. DuPont has a rich history of providing technology that enables customers to produce high-quality alkylate, with high octane value and zero olefins, or aromatics, in an extremely reliable and energy efficient way. We look forward to continuing to develop the relationship between DuPont and Shenghong – one that will last the lifetime of the alkylation unit.”

STRATCO alkylation technology is the established global leader in the industry with over 100 units licensed worldwide and more than 33,300kmta (850,000bpsd) of installed capacity. STRATCO alkylation technology is a sulphuric acid catalysed process that converts low-value olefins into high-value alkylate, a key desirable component for clean fuel. With currently operating units dating back as far as 80 years, the STRATCO alkylation technology is a highly effective, reliable solution for producing clean-burning fuel with high-octane, low-Rvp, low-sulphur and zero olefins.

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