KBR wins phenol and acetone technology contract from Qingdao Haiwan Chemical

KBR wins phenol and acetone technology contract from Qingdao Haiwan Chemical
Published: 3 July 2019 - 10 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery
KBR announced that it has been awarded a contract by Qingdao Haiwan Chemical (Haiwan Chemical) to license KBR's phenol and acetone technology for a new phenol and acetone plant in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China.

Under the terms of the contract, KBR will provide the technology license and basic engineering design (LBED) as well as technical and training services to Haiwan Chemical for building a grassroots 320,000 tonnes per annum phenol/acetone plant in Dongjiakou Industrial Zone, Qingdao, Shandong Province in China.

"We are honoured to bring our superior phenol/acetone technology to Haiwan Chemical," said John Derbyshire, president, KBR Technology Solutions. "KBR is committed to working closely with the project team to deliver the next world-class project."

"KBR's phenol process has been on the leading edge for more than 60 years and KBR is continuously making innovative technical improvements to maintain its competitiveness," said Gao Zijian, general manager of Haiwan Chemical. "I believe this phenol plant will be playing an important role in our corporation's progress of industrial transformation and upgrading."

KBR is a global technology licensor, and has offered phenol and acetone technology for more than 60 years, and completed more than 50 phenol projects worldwide.

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